Fancy Face's by Sharon
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  * Fancy Faces by Sharon*

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Cupcake Jewel Box in your choice of colors. 

Order 1 or 1001. 

*Please allow one month for large orders on all party favors.*

Purple Party!

Small & large orders welcomed.

*Please allow at least one month for custom orders.*  Thank you.

From whimsical to elegant.

The beach is in reach with adorable purse party favors.  Custom orders.

Pink or Blue may your dreams come true. :)

Lovely baby shower gifts.

Give peace a chance 

with these cute peace sign purses.

Each one custom handmade by Sharon.

Animal prints are wild.


Add extra wow to your themed event too.

3" x 3" paper mache box.

Choose the color to match your party theme. 

These make a really cute keepsake.